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Why have an ethics platform?

In 2012, the Université de Lyon started discussions and took measures to strengthen the role of ethics in higher education and research, which culminated in the Université de Lyon's 'Landscapes of Ethics' report.

In this regard, the Université de Lyon has chosen an integrated approach that closely combines research ethics, scientific integrity, professional ethics and social responsibility, yet also respects the particularities of each field.
The Université de Lyon's actions, therefore, reflect the national and international backdrop in which there is a strong demand for ethics for researchers and research organizations.

How it works

The platform is formed around three committees.

The Université de Lyon's "Scientific Integrity and Ethics" network::

The Université de Lyon has created the role of a Scientific Integrity Officer and has been examining the duties of the Ethics Officer. The Scientific Integrity Officer and the Ethics Officer are appointed by the President of the Université de Lyon for a non-renewable mandate of five years, following a proposal by the Vice Presidents of Research for coordinating the UdL's Ethics actions. They are self-employed and receive the necessary means to fulfill their duties successfully (working hours, budget, access to staff, independence, etc.). The duties of the "Scientific Integrity" Officer and the "Ethics" Officer must be differentiated. However, both officers work closely with officers from the member institutions. They lead a "Network of Scientific Integrity and Ethics Officers" and coordinate its actions.

- The network of Vice Presidents of Research for the coordination of actions in Research Ethics, Scientific Integrity, Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility at the Université de Lyon:

The UdL is committed to respecting the autonomy of its institutions. Nevertheless, it ensures the harmonization of PhD programs and the training of staff and teacher-researchers and the coordination of reporting methods for ethics, as well as actions and procedures, by encouraging collective discussions and decision-making between all the member institutions' Vice Presidents of Research.

- The Scientific Committee of the Université de Lyon's Ethics Platform:

The scientific committee is a working group established in response to all the initiatives implemented since 2012 by UdL concerning research ethics. It represents several disciplines and UdL institutions. It offers the UdL strategic guidance to implement measures concerning research ethics, scientific integrity and social responsibility in monitoring, training and research. It has institutional recognition from the UdL. It ensures that the institutions are autonomous, yet recognize that they represent the UdL.
Sarah Carvallo (Université de Lyon. Ecole centrale de Lyon/ENSLyon_UMR5317) is the UdL's "Research Ethics, Scientific Integrity and Social Responsibility" representative. As such, she has a scientific responsibility to lead and coordinate the network of Vice Presidents of Research and the Scientific Committee of the UdL's Ethics Platform. Each year, she provides the UdL's Board with a consolidated report on actions and projects related to "Research Ethics, Scientific Integrity and Social Responsibility".