Launch of the eighth issue of the Pop’Sciences Mag: “Tourism. Heading towards new imaginary worlds”

On The June 3, 2021

Produced for the next Pop’Sciences Forum, whose theme is “Tourism. Heading towards new imaginary worlds”, this issue of Pop’Sciences Mag invites you to take a closer look at the future of tourism.


The latest issue of Pop’Sciences Mag looks at how we can escape the paradox of industrialized tourism, which is ruining the very destinations it is trying to encourage people to visit and has contributed to spreading the disease that brought it to a screeching halt.

Explore new visions of the future world of tourism presented by experts and academics through a number articles, surveys, reports and videos.

And come and take a look at the issues surrounding tourism: the decline of tourism, the future of winter sports, how local tourism is taking its revenge on mass tourism, and much more.

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