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Launch of the second session of the Research Ethics MOOC

From April 23, 2019 to June 28, 2019

After its first successful run in 2018, with over 3,000 registered students, the Université de Lyon’s Research Ethics platform is launching its MOOC’s second session. Registration is open on the FUN platform until May 28, 2019.

The Research Ethics Platform at the Université de Lyon

The Université de Lyon’s Research Ethics Platform looks at three areas to lead monitoring, training and action-oriented research activities based on preventing fraudulent schemes, the falsification of results and plagiarism.

This action echoes changes at national, European and global level which aim to provide a framework for scientific research in four complementary areas:

  1. The ethics governing research professions;
  2. Scientific integrity;
  3. Research ethics;
  4. Social responsibility.

About the course

Since May 2015, all PhD students must take a course about scientific integrity and research ethics.

Two complementary MOOCs are being offered to find out about and understand issues related to scientific integrity and ethics.

After an introductory week, the MOOC runs for five weeks, and is primarily built for PhD students, but is also of interest to any researchers and people from the general public who would like to gain a better understanding of today’s ethical issues in research.

Information & registration (in French)