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Launch of the sixth session of the Research Ethics MOOC

From May 18, 2021 to July 14, 2021

Having attracted 12,000 participants during the first five sessions, the Université de Lyon’s RESETIS platform is launching a new session of its Ethics MOOC. Registration is open via the FUN-MOOC platform until June 19, 2021.


The “Social and environmental responsibility, research ethics and scientific integrity” platform, also known as the “RESETIS Platform”, pursues three main activities: training initiatives and awareness-raising activities for the research community based on issues relating to scientific integrity and research ethics, providing scientific communities with access to a wide range of resources, and promoting research on “science-society” issues.


Since May 2015, all PhD students have had to take a course about scientific integrity and research ethics. The MOOC program is provided by the Université de Lyon and focuses on research ethics. It is mainly intended for PhD students, but is also of interest to any researchers and people from the general public who would like to gain a better understanding of the current transformations and implications of research, and the new ethical issues they raise.


  • Length of the course: 6 weeks
  • Number of hours: 15
  • Learning pace: approximately 2.5 hours per week
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