Pop’Sciences and the Museums explore the future of tourism

On The March 25, 2021

The year 2020 and the global health crisis have put an end to the once dominant model of mass and globalized tourism. Pop’Sciences will spend the first half of 2021 looking at the question of tourism, how it is perceived and how it has evolved over time.

The current health crisis has highlighted the challenges faced by the tourism sector in terms of its sustainable development. Skiing and snowboarding vacations, territorial marketing, carbon footprint, relationships with the host and the other guests, increasing number and significance of labels and certifications, etc.

The next issue of the Pop’Sciences Mag “The new visions of tourism”, scheduled to be published in June 2021, will look at these challenges through the prism of different scientific disciplines, to be enjoyed by both science enthusiasts and those who want to know more about the world around us.

In anticipation of the magazine’s release, Pop’Sciences has partnered with two local museums to give us a first look at the subject through two discussion sessions:


A Pop’Sciences event organized in collaboration with the Musée des Confluences - February 25, 2021.

► Greener, more socially responsible and more sustainable tourism... Can it be done?

Discussions with a historian specializing in mobility and tourism, as part of the “Makay, un refuge en terre malgache” (Makay, a refuge in Madagascar) exhibition at the Musée des Confluences.


A Pop’Sciences event organized in collaboration with the Museum of the History of Lyon – Gadagne, March 18, 2021.

► How tourism affects the city’s identity

Joint discussion between two university students from Lyon, at the heart of the “Portraits of Lyon” exhibition at the Gadagne Museums.