Pop'Sciences: introducing the new "The best is yet to come?" web magazine and looking back on the festival

On The May 24, 2019

The Université de Lyon’s knowledge sharing web portal, Pop'Sciences, gave us some wonderful experiences in May with its second festival and the release of its web magazine, "The best is yet to come?".

Pop'Sciences Mag #4: "Was it better before, or is the best yet to come?"

In its latest issue, Pop'Sciences strikes a balance between melancholy and a carefree belief in absolute scientific progress. It offers a look at the technical, socio-economic and medical advances which help shape today’s world and prepare us for the world of tomorrow. It shows how our researchers are helping to generate new knowledge to address the climatic and demographic challenges of the 21st century. These challenges require us to rethink our methods of production, consumption and innovation.

This issue provides you the latest research so you can assess the scope and significance of the advances in enhancement medicine. You will also look into the sociological and economic trends that will reshape the future workplace.

This issue of Pop'Sciences also focuses on the researchers who are trying to establish a sustainable agricultural model, in order to meet the challenge of feeding 10 billion mouths by 2100. You will identify the future consequences of current climate change, and explore whether it is a good idea to go to Mars.

This magazine urges you to take a stand!
Was it really better before, or is the best yet to come?

Watch the teaser video (in French)

Read more on the Pop’Sciences website (in French)