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Regional Final for the 2017 Idea Challenge at the Université de Lyon

On The November 25, 2017

The regional final for the Idea Challenge, a competition for the student with the best idea, took place on Saturday 25 November at the Université de Lyon. Over fifty students from the entire region gathered to explore their idea, work on their pitch and defend their project to a jury of professionals.

The Idea Challenge is a regional competition showcasing students' ideas: working towards a better world, to create employment, for education and the planet... All projects are welcome and presented to a jury of professionals to test their feasibility.

This year, 800 applicants with 400 ideas gathered for the competition, which is led by Beelys, the Université de Lyon's PEPITE, in Lyon and Saint-Étienne. During this day of creativity, on 25 November 2017, students from the entire region were able to work on their idea, discuss, challenge each other, learn new skills and, most importantly, test their idea against a jury of professionals. At the end of the day, 6 ideas and applicants were selected and awarded a prize.

The 2017 winners

6 prizes were awarded at the final
  • The "Internet Vote" prize - Kit Étudiant (Université Lumière Lyon 2)
    Kit Étudiant gathers useful resources to make student life easier.
  • The "Quirky Idea" prize - L'ÉcoSystem (Université Savoie Mont Blanc)
    CAn environmentally responsible accommodation complex with sliding-scale fees as low as 0 euros.
  • The "Utopian Idea" prize - L’Orbdunum (Emlyon business school)
    The creation of a land with universal interaction and cultural growth.
  • Prize for the Funniest Pitch - Healthbook (Université Jean Monnet)
    The health records of tomorrow.
  • Prize for the Best Pitch - Blabla Sam (Université Jean Monnet)
    Platform for car sharing after nights out.
  • Prize for the Jury's Favorite - Save the Earth (Université Jean Monnet)
    Recyclable glass containers connected to a computer system that tells you how many tons of glass have been recycled and the transformation percentage in a circular economy system.
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