Release of the special edition Pop’Sciences Magazine: “Under the Influence of Emotions”

On The March 18, 2020

This special issue, published as part of the 2020 Brain Awareness Week, highlights the research that reveals how our emotions influence the choices we make, how they are linked to addiction and habits, how they are used for communication purposes, and much more.

Our emotions inspire our everyday activities and are the foundation of the exchanges between our brain, our body and what is around us. Emotions have become the focus of a great deal of modern-day research, which seeks to identify how they work, where they come from, and how they influence our actions. In light of recent advances in the field, we are more able than ever to manage and control them. But aren’t we also in a better position to falsify, provoke and even manipulate them?

As part of the 2020 Brain Awareness Week, with the theme “Me, my brain and others”, the Pop’Sciences Mag has published a special issue to help you understand how our emotions work and how we share them with others. Lyon’s researchers shed light on what goes on in our brains when emotions take over.

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Pop’Sciences is a magazine published in partnership with:
Rhône Auvergne CNRS, CRNL, Fondation Neurodis, Inserm, LabEx Cortex and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. For the 2020 Brain Awareness Week in Lyon.