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Providing tools and promoting involvement

As part of implementing a coordinated policy at the Université de Lyon in terms of scientific integrity and research ethics, the RESETIS platform ensures the organization of the network of “scientific integrity” referents appointed in each institution. The aim is to encourage sharing experience and resources, and to link the missions of these “scientific integrity” referents with those of the ethical referents also appointed by each institution.

In connection with the structures and resources available at a national level, in particular the French Office of Scientific Integrity, the platform provides the Université de Lyon communities with information, tools and documentation resources.

The platform is also responsible for ensuring that the scientific integrity and research ethics policies put in place are readily available for the research community.

The Scientific Integrity referents

The scientific integrity referent is appointed by the head of the institution and is the first point of contact for all those involved in research who may have a question concerning scientific integrity, and for all those who believe they have identified a breach that should be acted upon.

Its missions are to:

  • Ensure the proper implementation of the institution’s general scientific integrity policies;
  • Receive requests for information and offer any advice regarding respect for scientific integrity;
  • Collect and investigate allegations of suspected breaches of integrity;
  • Deal with allegations of breaches of scientific integrity involving personnel working within the institution or its facilities;
  • Establish appropriate mediation arrangements for all conflict situations related to reported research activities;
  • Report to the head of the institution

List of referents within our member institutions