Science Shop Webinar: “Travelling instruments: applied research on the musical heritage of the people of Villeurbanne”

On The March 4, 2021

Since 2018, Le Rize, the CMTRA and the ENM have jointly been working on the “Instruments voyageurs” (Travelling instruments) project, in which they go out to meet the people of Villeurbanne to learn more about the musical instruments they keep in their homes. Find out more about their participatory approach in this webinar.

The “Instruments voyageurs” exhibition is the perfect opportunity to find out about instruments from here, from elsewhere, or even from nowhere; instruments that demonstrate a number of examples of cultural borrowings and exchanges. Le RIZE is offering a sneak peek of the Travelling Instruments exhibition through its digital version.

Two Science Shop interns also took part in the project back in 2019 ► Find out more

During the webinar, anthropologist Laura Jouve-Villard will talk about how this approach came into being and how the residents of Villeurbanne have become part of this effort to sharing knowledge. How have meetings between local residents, scientists and community representatives led to changes in issues and approaches? What challenges might the project have encountered? What types of negotiation and intermediation methods were used? What are the results and impact on this area today?


  • LAURA JOUVE-VILLARD – Research fellow at the CMTRA

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