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Science Shop workshop: How can academic expertise support your organization’s project?

Le 20 May 2019 De 13:30 à 17:00

If you would like to receive scientific support for your initiatives and apply for the Science Shop call for projects, but are having trouble identifying a research topic, the Science Shop can help you build your project. Attend the workshop on Monday, May 20, at the Centsept.

You will receive support from a number of experts and researchers, who will help you identify challenges, define the expertise you require, translate this to a research topic, and fill out your application form. The workshop will help you draft the project that will be presented to the scientific committee.

The Science Shop’s workshop and call for projects are open to all organizations, neighborhood councils and other citizen groups who are looking for scientific expertise, to consolidate your initiative, analyze its impact, experiment with innovative approaches, etc.

The Science Shop has supported a number of projects in the past, including studying the impact of a program against social isolation in Lyon, a plan to manage invasive plants in the lower Ain valley, analyzing the care pathway of people with “dys-” conditions, and the study of the correlation between the length of volunteer efforts and the reasons behind it.

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