Support, training and making connections: the Science Shop team is continuing its efforts during lockdown

From March 16, 2020 to June 30, 2020

During the lockdown, the Université de Lyon’s Science Shop program has adapted its activities in order to maintain contact with the associative sector, as well as with students involved in ongoing projects.

Specific support for companies and organizations in the social and solidarity-based economy

SSE groups and organizations are developing initiatives to address a wide range of social issues, such as preserving biodiversity, educational innovation, the workplace, social cohesion, inequalities, and many more. The Science Shop team will continue its efforts to support them and help them establish better connections with the research community. With the 2020 call for projects still underway, the Science Shop program is organizing opportunities to meet and interact with civil society actors. The aim? To present the different types partnerships organizations or other citizen groups may have with the Science Shop, as well as the potential benefits of such collaborations.

The next Science Shop gathering will take place on April 28, 2020. Other dates will be scheduled as needed.

A particular focus on the Science Shop program’s student interns

Since February, the Science Shop program has been supervising the end-of-studies internships of sixteen students, which involve addressing issues raised by local players: Cohousing for senior citizens, supporting the position of caregivers, energy resilience in rural areas, and much more. This year, their involvement with organizations has been somewhat different. Nevertheless, even during the lockdown, Science Shop students remain fully committed to their studies and continue their efforts to help build a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society.

The Science Shop team has set up online training sessions to provide the 2020 student interns with the best possible training. These technical training courses focus on adapting research methods to lockdown. They also focus on ways to adapt the Science Shop program's approach to “participatory research”.

Focusing on participatory research

In 2018, the Science Shop program organized its first participatory research seminar with a view to combining the knowledge developed in universities with that obtained in the field. Since all face-to-face seminars have been cancelled, arrangements have been made to provide an online alternative.