The 30th Science Fair comes to an end

On The October 19, 2021

Tournage de Science en direct ! à Saint-Martin-en-Haut | Crédits : Vincent Noclin
Tournage de Science en direct ! à Saint-Martin-en-Haut | Crédits : Vincent Noclin

From October 1 to 11, 2021, the 30th Science Fair was held in the Métropole de Lyon and Rhône area. This anniversary edition focused on “the emotion of discovery”, marking the return of in-person events with 260 activities for the general public and schools.

The direct online broadcast of “Science en Direct”, presented by the team from the show “L’Esprit Sorcier” (the Wizard Mind) , gathered at Saint-Martin-en-Haut for a Science Fair special duplex: “Living together, the challenges of the 21st century” An opportunity to question demographic specialists, gerontologists, sociologists, economists and mathematicians, and for the public to take part in a quiz.
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Fifty people assembled at the Innovation Factory for an opening night on the theme of industry. The evening was punctuated by three events (a presentation of the 30th anniversary exhibition, a visit of the Pré-Fabrique and workshops), as well as a keynote speech on the importance of science and its popularization, particularly in favor of a younger audience.

The 30th Science Fair continues with an online anniversary exhibition: 30 major breakthroughs from research in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region over the past 30 years. This exhibition reveals the wealth of research in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – important scientific achievements in public research, women and men of science, major scientific/technical facilities that have emerged in the region, key scientific sites or significant contributions of the scientific community to broader projects (national, European, international).
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In the Métropole de Lyon and Rhône area, the Science Fair is coordinated by the Université de Lyon through the Pop’Sciences team and with the support of numerous different facilities and actors (museums, associations, research laboratories, universities, etc.), including some businesses. Every year you will find all the information concerning the event online via the Pop’Sciences portal. Discover the Pop’Sciences portal

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