“Yerevan: 2,800 years of History” Exhibition At the Université de Lyon

Du 05 February 2019 au 15 February 2019 De 08:30 à 17:30

The “Yerevan: 2,800 years of History” exhibition marks the 2,800th anniversary of the founding of Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. The city was originally named Erebuni when it was founded in 786 BC. This photo exhibit at the Université de Lyon is open to the public.

The exhibit chronicles the architectural history of the city of Yerevan from its founding in the eighth century BC until today. It gives a historical background of Armenia’s history through the ages along with the pictures of its monuments and urban projects.

Twelve years after the “The Twelve Capitals of Armenia” landmark exhibition at the Conciergerie de Paris, presented in collaboration with the French Center for National Monuments, “Yerevan: 2,800 years of History” is another opportunity for the French public to explore the history of what is both one of the most important cities of Armenia’s history and the current capital city of the Republic of Armenia, and discover or rediscover its architectural and cultural heritage.

The exhibition was first shown in the Salons of the Hôtel de Ville in Lyon, where it was presented as part of the cultural event for the Armenian National Holiday and in celebration of the 2,800th anniversary of the founding of Erebuni-Yerevan. It is now being hosted by the Université de Lyon, one of the most prestigious academic sites in France, which is honored to host this beautiful, rich exhibition and share it with the public.


Photo gallery of the exhibition

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An exhibition organized by: the Armenian Consulate in France, the Université de Lyon, the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Commissioner: Rouzanna Mézrakian, PhD.