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Doctoral training programs

Throughout their PhD, students at the Université de Lyon can benefit from a wide range of training programs

  • Disciplinary training offered by their doctoral school,
  • Scientific training provided by their institution or their laboratory,
  • Cross-training for professional purposes offered by the Université de Lyon.

Interdisciplinary vocational training

These programs aim to provide useful skills required to work as a young researcher and pursue your career, both in the academic and outside world.

How to enroll

  • You must be a PhD student at the Université de Lyon and have an account on the SIGED management site for doctoral studies.
  • View the training programs on this page or directly on SIGED in the "Catalogue of training programs".
  • Enrollment must be carried out on SIGED and is only possible whilst there are still spaces available.
  • As a general rule, enrollment opens 2 months before the start of the training program and closes 2 weeks before.
  • For selective training programs, enrollments will only be accepted after the application files have been examined (CV, cover letter, etc.)
Interdisciplinary training programs are funded by the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

2023-2024 training catalog

You can download the full catalog here:
2023-2024 doctoral training catalog (FR)

Please note: applications for training sessions must be made on ADUM from now on. Doctoral students who have not yet finalized their thesis registration can still apply using dedicated forms (available below).

Most of the training presentations below are in French, indicating French is the main language for the training session; sessions held in English offer an English title.

T-TH / Cross-training - Thesis support

T-EI / Cross-training - Ethics and scientific integrity

T-COM / Cross-training - Scientific dissemination & communication

T-CT / Cross-training - Soft skills and cross skills

T-ESR / Cross-training - Higher education and research

T-EVOL / Cross-training - Help with career development

Good to know

  • Do not wait until your final year to undertake a training program.
  • You may take more modules than the amount requested by your doctoral school, but they must not exceed 50 hours per year.
  • For each training program you undertake, you will receive a certificate detailing the number of hours spent on the program, provided that you have attended at least 2/3 of the training program.
  • The certificate is available from your SIGED account, under the "Mes formations" ("My training programs") tab. To access it, you must first answer a short evaluation questionnaire.
  • To find out more please read our SIGED user's guide (FR).