Published on February 19, 2018 | Updated on February 26, 2018

IDEXLYON certified Master's programs

IDEXLYON-labelled Master's programs are jointly organized by several institutions and offer accredited diplomas from universities and higher education institutions.

IDEXLYON-labelled Master's programs have a strong international focus. These study programs strengthen the excellence of the Université de Lyon and fall within its three major academic axes: Humanities and Urbanity, Science and Engineering, and Biohealth and Society.

These study programs are supported by the IDEXLYON.

All 19 IDEXLYON certified Master's programs

  • Master's program in Biology: Biosciences course;
  • Master's program in Cancer;
  • Master's program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology;
  • Master's program in Material Science: Science and Innovation course;
  • Master's program in Molecular and Cellular Biology: The Fundamentals of Infectious Diseases course;
  • Master's program in European and International studies: AlterEurope course (The European Union and its neighbors);
  • Master's program in Cities and Urban Environments: Political and Strategic Alternatives for Cities and Metropolitan Areas (Altervilles);
  • Master's program in Acoustics;
  • Master's program in Economic Analysis and Policy;
  • Master's program in BEE-CAP: Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution: Concepts, Applications and Practices;
  • Master's program in Basic Computer Science;
  • Master's program in Mathematics and Applications: Advanced Mathematics course;
  • Master's program in Medieval Worlds: History, Archaeology, Literature of the Christian and Medieval Muslim Worlds;
  • Master's program in History, Civilization and Heritage: METIS (Management, Conservation, and Rehabilitation of Tangible, Intangible and Intermingled Modern Heritage) course;
  • Master's program in Computer Science: International Machine Learning and Data Mining Master's course;
  • Master's program in Ancient Worlds: Archaeology, Ancient History and Ancient Languages, Literature and Civilizations (LLCA) course;
  • Master's program in Earth Science, Planetology and the Environment;
  • Master’s program in Optics Image Vision Multimedia*;
  • Master’s program in Water science, COGEVAL’EAU and IREMIR course*.

*This IDEXLYON qualification is unfunded as it falls under the Graduate Schools of Research program (EUR - Écoles universitaires de recherche).