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Innovative teaching

LudiMoodle: a project using games to stimulate school education

Using games to facilitate learning and to contribute to the success of pupils is the challenge of this innovative, large-scale scientific and teaching project which is to be carried out over 4 years across the Lyon metropolitan area.

The project is being led by the Université de Lyon as part of the Investments for the Future Program's call for "Areas for Training, Research and Digital Animation (e-FRAN)" projects which was launched by the State in January 2017 and organized by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. It aims to "increase motivation by developing game resources on Moodle" for middle and high schools.

An important issue: innovating education to increase pupils' success

At a time when teaching practices are being questioned, the LudiMoodle initiative aims to use games to develop innovation levers that place pupils at the center of learning and promote their success.

Pupils have changed and traditional forms of delivering education no longer work as well as they used to. Access to new technology has not helped reduce inequality, either. Existing digital learning environments are often underutilized as they are not considered to clearly motivate pupils.

The integration of games in school education can, however, provide mechanisms that pupils use on a daily basis. The key challenge is to offer a series of games that could be added to digital teaching resources.

A field project for an almost unexplored area of research

Gamification consists of intentionally using game-playing elements in non-game tasks and contexts. The experiment is based on adapting these elements to pupils' expectations and preferences regarding games. Two mathematics experiments for fourth-year pupils form the core of the project. Impact and motivation studies led among pupils will result in the dissemination of resources for pupils, teachers and digital tool developers.

The studies are carried out by the LIRIS (Computer Science Laboratory for Image Processing and Information Systems) and ECP (Education, Cultures and Politics) laboratories.

The Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3's Support Center for Digital Teaching is responsible for creating digital teaching resources in collaboration with high school teachers, as well as training teachers and organizing experiments.

Edunao, a company specializing in the gamification of Moodle resources, is developing general game-playing elements that can be applied to teaching resources.