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Digital Transformation University Diploma (DU)

The Digital Transformation University Diploma (DU) is a training program developed through the Disrupt’Campus project of the Université de Lyon. The Disrupt’Campus aims at creating campuses facilitating the digital transition of companies, by pairing them up with students.

- 4th session ongoing: from September 16, 2019 to January 22, 2020
- Next sessions scheduled: March 2, 2020 & September 21, 2020
- Applications open for the next sessions

Admission conditions

Terms of access - Public : Students following a Master's program or having already obtained a Master's degree, PhD students, Bachelor's students with a two-year professional experience.
- This training program is registered on Pôle emploi training catalogue.
To apply please download the application file here
Please note that reading the user's guide is strongly advised
Important dates 4th session ongoing: from September 16, 2019 to January 22, 2020
Next sessions scheduled: March 2, 2020 & September 21, 2020
Applications are open for the next sessions.
Selection Application file & interview

Educational & professional objectives

The Digital Transformation University Diploma (DU) aims to train students to take part in the digital transformation of companies. To this end, the program enables students to contribute to projects suggested by our partners: start-ups, SMEs, large companies, authorities and organizations.

Projects are identified by the Université de Lyon among submissions by companies and partners organizations; the Université de Lyon then establishes internship conventions. The team projects focus on the transformation of products, processes and methods.

This hands-on training program is structured around two main teaching units:
  • Unit 1: Courses on digital technologies; courses on digital management specificities;
  • Unit 2: Internship working on a concrete project submitted by a company.

Organization and features of the program

  • Courses entirely in French;
  • A 17-week program;
  • A 42-day internship;
  • Teams of 2 or 3 students per project;
  • A digital training environment enabling students to access self-study resources and communicate with their project team;
  • A program of professional lectures;
  • A project supervised by two coaches (management and a digital expert);
  • A project follow-up methodology of four cycles.
Download the detailed schedule for the training session
Download the educational program for more information

Student-company collaborative projects

The Université de Lyon’s Disrupt’Campus was founded in 2017, and provides companies with the opportunity to carry out digital innovation projects as part of the Digital Transformation University Diploma program.

Students have participated in 14 projects since March 2018. Here are a few examples of projects proposed by companies:

  • Creating and implementing digital platforms;
  • Building new companies based on a digital offering;
  • Establishing new organizations based on the use of new digital tools;
  • Exploring new technological solutions for business management;
  • Creating new digital offerings.

Employment/activity rates of graduates by June 1, 2019

They entrusted us with projects