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The very first Digit’Ère Day at the Université de Lyon

On The July 16, 2019

The alumni of the Digital Transformation University Diploma program created the event, organizing the very first Digit’Ère Day on July 4, 2019 at the Université de Lyon.

Two students who earned their university diplomas in September 2018, Christophe Barthelon and Marion Socha, took the initiative and organized this day, which is about opening up dialog and meeting specialists from the digital sphere.

All of the discussions converged around one central question: What is your everyday life like with digital technology?

The chance to listen to Isabelle Barnel talk about online sociology, to discover how to create a podcast through Alice Bertran's workshop, or even learn about the challenges of “demobility” and telecommuting during Jean Pouly's talk.

Digit’Ère Day is also involved in the international dimension of digital transformation with the “Connect Lyon and African digital ecosystems: what can we learn from one another?” conference, organized by Jean Okala, who is also a University Diploma alumnus.

Rui Cai also shares her digital experiences in daily life in China. And finally, Davy Russo talks to us about education by Google via video conference from San Francisco.

Bringing together more than fifty participants, former or future students and professionals from the digital field, this day was full of meetings and discussion.

The alumni association already plans to organize another day in 2020.

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