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First graduation ceremony for the Digital transformation university diploma

On The November 19, 2018

The graduation ceremony for the first graduating class of the Université de Lyon’s innovative program, the Digital transformation university diploma (DU), was held on November 19.

The students gathered at this event received their diploma from Khaled Bouabdallah, the President of the Université de Lyon. The ceremony was followed by a friendly cocktail party held for the first and second classes enrolled in the program and the teachers and other participants.

The Digital Transformation DU was launched in February 2018 as part of the Université de Lyon’s Disrupt’Campus program. It offers an innovative 17-week educational program to train people responsible for organizations’ digital transition. The second session began on September 24 and registration is open for the third session in March 2019. The Disrupt'Campus program also offers a series of lectures about the impact of digital technology on society and organizations.

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