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The academic year begins for the first "Plastronics Project Manager" class

On The September 24, 2018

The first class enrolled in the innovative “Plastronics Project Manager” training program began its academic year on September 24.

The first classes of the new “Plastronics Project Manager” program began on September 24, following orientation day on September 21. On this day between Lyon and Oyonnax, students got to know the educational staff and learned about the main technical tools that they will use during their training program. They met Christelle Abis, responsible for training programs at the Lycée Arbez Carmes, Maël Moguedet, CEO of Smart Plastic Products (S2P), and the staff of the Ampère laboratory, which is setting up its “3D Plastronics and Advanced Packaging” platform.

The first class enrolled in this course co-led by INSA Lyon and CPE Lyon includes 11 students with a wide array of skills: plastics processing, materials, mecatronics, industrialization of the manufacturing process and electronics. They are delighted to be a part of the first class in the program and are motivative by the highly innovative Plastronics projects, the collaborative work, the multidisciplinary approach and the partnerships with companies.

The Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon is helping the institutions leading the program with engineering and fund-raising. The training program is supported by professional organizations (Allizé Plasturgie, ACSIEL) and public funding (Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Haut-Bugey Agglomeration) and companies (SEB Group, Plastic Omnium, the Fondation Dassault Systèmes, Sintex NP and S2P).

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