Success for the Université de Lyon's first Urban Logistics School

On The September 18, 2018

The Université de Lyon organized the first session of its Urban Logistics School from September 11 to 13, immersing participants in the world of urban space, transport and movement management. It provided its 15 participants with a systemic approach to the strategic issues involved in urban logistics.

The Urban Logistics School used innovative and stimulating educational methods, and drew in professionals from a wide array of fields, ranging from real estate and parking management to river management.

The training program also received glowing reviews from graduate students from various fields, including economics, land-use planning, management and computer science & mathematics.

Participants in the training program were given the opportunity to meet and talk to various on-the-ground players and researchers specializing in issues related to urban merchandise mobility.

Another strength of this program was the lively, interactive atmosphere, with the Urbalog game and guided visits on location.

The first Urban Logistics School strengthens the life-long training scheme led by the Université de Lyon, which aims to offer concrete training solutions in line with the expectations of and developments in civil society.

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