Register for the second Urban Logistics Summer School!

From June 24, 2019 to June 26, 2019

Urban goods transportation is undergoing many changes: the development of cyber commerce, the impact of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, the optimization of urban logistics spaces, etc. This is why the Université de Lyon is offering an innovative training program for senior executives and decision-makers for public local authorities: the Urban Logistics Summer School.

From June 24 to 26, 2019, this innovative, stimulating education program will draw from the pool of renowned researchers and experts from the business world in the Lyon Saint-Étienne site. It will reveal the challenges and deciding factors in the transportation of goods in cities, as well as the innovations that will build the urban goods movement systems of tomorrow.

In addition to classes, the Urban Logistics Summer School offers:

  • On-site visits to discover innovative organizational methods and to meet the operational players of urban goods transportation;
  • A serious game to learn about the logic used by players in the urban transportation of goods;
  • Participation in a think tank about the challenges of the urban movement of goods, organized with the CARA competitiveness cluster. This event will give participants an opportunity to meet and work with a number of urban players (industry, transportation, urban planners, etc.).

Further information and registration to the Urban Logistics Summer School

The success of the first event

Launched in September 2018, this professional training program offered by the Université de Lyon drew fifteen participants for its first event from many different fields, including real estate, parking management and river management professionals as well as young researchers from various fields.