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A look back at the HUBLO Festival #2 - Festival for young entrepreneurs

On The May 29, 2019

The festival, held on May 23 at La Sucrière, drew 1,200 young local entrepreneurs. A look back at the success of the second festival held by Beelys, the Université de Lyon’s student entrepreneurship center.

After registering on the festival’s website, attendees got swept up by the powerful energy of the 150 exhibitor entrepreneurs, the 50 lectures, the workshops and opportunities to meet experts.
Chartered buses brought in groups of employees from Beelys’ partner organizations to discover the projects supported by their companies. They left with a smile that said reams about what we will be able to be achieve together very soon.

The day began on an energetic note.
At 9 AM, the high-schoolers’ festival was kicked off.
It drew 200 high-schoolers for lectures and workshops tailored to them and one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet young entrepreneurs. They are now aware that joining Beelys as soon as they enter higher education will open doors for new experiences and building relationships with other driven young people.

I came just to take a quick look around... And I ended up staying all afternoon. I canceled my meetings.
Emmanuel, Mentor with Beelys, shares his experience that echoes that of many other attendees.

A meaningful event

Why hold a festival? Because it is the ideal type of event to celebrate the multiple dimensions of entrepreneurial culture, to leave room for creativity in a tightly-packed and highly-scheduled program, to put people at ease and encourage sharing.

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