Announcing the 100 projects selected for the 11th edition of the Lyon Start Up program

On The July 20, 2020

The 100 projects selected to join the 11th Lyon Start Up program, led by the Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon, were unveiled on July 20, 2020.

You will find a list of all the projects selected to take part in the eleventh edition of the Lyon Start Up program below, ordered by theme.

  • CleanTech & the environment
    Agochorie, Natuco, WeCount and ZEN 2050
  • Design, fashion and well-being
    ALMA, Au phare à ailes, Cohérence Fashion Communication, High tech, low cost, and super-fashionable eyeglass lenses, Desalgue, DRESS ME, ELIKIA, ensème, Hilo Cosmétiques, Le tailleur BY JO, Les Laboratoires de L’Antiquaille, PROSPER and R’mobile
  • Culture, media and sport
    Colibri, Dansmaroue, HUDive, Le Kube, Mana, Monday Audio, Pick N Sport, PIPS (Par Ici Paris Ski), REPAIR, TAKTI and V-sight
  • Digital technology and connected devices
    Coaz, Autonomous laser cutter, Guard A.I., Hygi Vérif, IoTerCom, MODJO, intelligent mug, Prototek, Verytips, VITICOURS and What Matters
  • Education and children
    AmiEmotion, EDUFREM,Childcare with educational play, Guayalak Studio, OuiCrèches, Research and booking platform for language courses in France, Ramène ta fraise and WORK IN MUSIC
  • Social and solidarity-based economy and CivicTech
    ISSUE DE SECOURS, L’Emprunte and Solichaîne
  • FoodTech and AgriTech
    AULY!, Comme à la maison, CROSS, Dam’s, Dietlicious, Drinking water infused with hydrogen: Un petit sac de sable, FEAT, Food Mood, Foudeterroir, Garden Club, HOME’S, 3D-printed contact lenses, My Little Tisane, Vegg’Asie, What’s in my fridge and Whey!
  • Housing and SmartCity
    Homnest prod’, Les Biens en Commun, MyMajorHome, Park’it, Poste Ton Colis, Real Estate on Blockchain, Refuge dans mon jardin, Siren, Unit and UX BUILDING DESIGN
  • MedTech
    Digital application for people who stutter, AquaConnect, BeyonX, Helpsy and VIVIMEX
  • Economic services, training and advice
    Apame, BEAUBIEN, BeeINGO, Individual online coaching for a post burnout career change, DIVORCE, SÉPARATION: MODE D’EMPLOI, Korbusier, Lablabee, MindSeed, Objectif Formation, Pitch Plan, Psychologues à Distance, Retrolution and Sexo Ask

This year, in addition to the 100 selected projects, 22 projects from the 10th edition have chosen to continue to benefit from the support provided by the Lyon Start Up program after taking part in the distance learning program at the beginning of 2020.

These projects are: Check and Care, GoToWorms, ARchee, id.value, Tiers Lieu Collaboratif, Florent DELILLE, ETT NEUROPSYS, QUINQUAmorphose, Winkel, IMMERGO, La flexiterie, Mama, vade, OMH2, FIND, Une instit à la maison, PO’LLEN, Alexandre RIBEIRO, Moov’in, JOKKO, DIASPO ZEN and The diplomatic project.

See you on September 14 for the launch of the 11th edition!

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