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Beelys: a look back at the Student Entrepreneur Diploma regional boot camp

On The March 14, 2019

Beelys, the student entrepreneurship department of the Université de Lyon, organized a Student Entrepreneurship Diploma regional boot camp from February 13 to 15, 2019. A look back at this event, which offered forty entrepreneurs workshops and opportunities to put their newly-acquired theoretical knowledge to the test in the streets of Lyon.

One of the main issues young entrepreneurs face is positioning themselves on the market and defining their product and/or service’s key target. At this stage of company building, it is not easy for young entrepreneurs to go into the world to meet their customers to answer these questions.

Encouraging people to overcome their fears and prepare to run a company

To do so, for 2 days, 40 entrepreneurs from the Beelys PEPITEs, oZer and CAP (representing the cities of Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Grenoble, Chambéry and Clermont-Ferrand), took part in specific workshops surrounding commercial prospection and validating their offer.

Four workshops run by experts gave the entrepreneurs the basic knowledge they need to define their commercial approach, build their sales pitch, and learn to respond to objections.

Rather than being a simple compilation of theoretical workshops, boot camps offer a real opportunity to practice alongside other entrepreneurs, to improve your approach, your pitch, to build your network and foster a spirit of helping one another to develop and grow.

Learning is good, but doing is... even better! The entrepreneurs were given an opportunity to put their newly-acquired theoretical knowledge to the test in the streets of Lyon, where they talked to potential customers. Their aim was to collect feedback and opinions, and in some cases, even schedule real business meetings.

The entrepreneurs also visited the Fourvière basilica at night and split into teams to play a historical investigation game in the streets of Old Lyon.

A unique opportunity to get to know other entrepreneurs from the region.

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