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Beelys: JEA – Accelerated Young Companies – Mentorship to accelerate start-up company growth

On The March 19, 2019

As part of the JEA acceleration preparation program offered by Beelys, the Université de Lyon’s student entrepreneur department, each project leader is given the opportunity to connect with a mentor who will support him or her in building and growing a start-up company.

Drawing from the rich entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide effective, high-quality support

Beelys draws from the rich entrepreneurial ecosystem to select committed mentors who deploy their experience and expertise to help start-ups grow and take a step back, pivot strategies and make easier decisions. Beelys selects professionals whose business experience can be used as a mirror to ask the right questions, not remain stuck when encountering setbacks, and, as is often necessary, not get carried away with success.

The projects are allocated based on the field of expertise of the mentors and their affinity for the business sector of the start-up, etc.

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