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Beelys: JEA – Accelerated Young Companies – Talk to an expert, Louis Bonduelle, CEO of Chez Nestor

On The March 7, 2019

Beelys met with Louis Bonduelle, CEO of Chez Nestor, who is an expert from the Accelerated Young Companies (JEA) program, which is run by the student entrepreneurship department of the Université de Lyon.

This year, Louis Bonduelle is launching a series of after-work events for the class of 2019, held at the national headquarters of Chez Nestor, six years after he was awarded the program’s Essor prize.

His success story has inspired the newest crop of young entrepreneurs – however, the project took many turns along the way before reaching its current form. Louis Bonduelle insists on this point:

Changing course does not mean giving up – but it does mean adapting your business model to the market.

► The Talk to an Expert Afterworks are a unique opportunity to glean advice from a seasoned entrepreneur.

What is your advice to the JEA program’s young entrepreneurs?

Take risks: as an entrepreneur, you need to build up your ability to adapt, to innovate, to switch strategies along the way, to delegate and to trust new talents – these are the advantages and skills that can lead your business to success.
Create a dashboard to steer your business: quickly view your company’s key performance indicators, centralize your important and decisive metrics in a single tool, etc. Generally speaking, this is a tool that helps you keep your eye on all relevant data, not only the ones that flatter you or you want to see.

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