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Beelys: JEA – Accelerated Young Companies – Talk to an expert, Ylhame Kassi, founder of Ylperform

On The March 5, 2019

Beelys met with Ylhame Kassi, founder of Ylperform, who is the sales expert for the Accelerated Young Companies (JEA) program, which is run by the student entrepreneurship department of the Université de Lyon.


Please introduce yourself in a few sentences – your journey and experience?

I am a mother of an eight-year-old daughter and I have been an entrepreneur for two years now. I am living my life to the fullest!
After completing my advanced technician’s diploma (BTS) in Business Studies, I started out as an insurance branch advisor. After working for a year, my manager suggested I embark on a new adventure: recruiting new clients to build up the agency’s portfolio. I was on board immediately! So I started doing full-time prospecting to provide insurance solutions for private individuals.
Afterwards I moved on to other companies with B2B work. But I remained in the insurance world until I founded my own company.
I am now working at developing my company, YLPERFORM. I provide business development support for entrepreneurs and companies.

As the main advisor for the JEA program’s business side, how would you describe how you work with entrepreneurs?

Emotional intelligence is the key to operational excellence. So in practice, I work to create emotions when I speak, in order to leave a lasting impression and especially to spark change and give meaning.
I push the envelope a bit, I trigger reactions, ask tough questions, I am not gentle, especially during the launch phase. As we progress through the program together, they find more and more meaning. They come to realize that their obstacles and fears were unfounded – and better yet – that they can surpass themselves. The driving force is that they need to leave their comfort zone.
My job is to help entrepreneurs work on their posture, their soft skills and their self-image.

What is your advice to the JEA program’s young entrepreneurs?

I have three pieces of advice: FIELDWORK! SELL! BE BOLD!
The only risk is being told “NO”! And a NO never killed anyone

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