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Beelys wins the 2019 “Esprit d’Entreprendre” Call for Expression of Interest

On The November 29, 2019

Beelys, the Université de Lyon's student-entrepreneur center, has won the “Esprit d’Entreprendre” Call for Expression of Interest launched by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the international orientation of young entrepreneurs.

The “Esprit d’Entreprendre” Call for Expression of Interest will oversee the trial and national deployment of the international Soft Landing for Young Entrepreneurs scheme created by Beelys. The Lille Nord de France, Vallée de Seine, CreaJ-IDF, OZer and CAP PEPITEs (Student Centers for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship) will be the first to take part in these trials.

With the support of the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, this program is responsible for organizing and financing the international mobility of young entrepreneurs who receive support from Beelys. Several of them have already benefited from this program, which has been in operation in conjunction with Shanghai, Sherbrooke, Liège, Lausanne and San Luis (United States) since 2017. Each exchange program developed with the support of university incubators gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive two to three weeks of support in order to initiate an internationalization strategy. Beelys' partners provide business training programs and organize group visits and meetings with those involved in the ecosystem. They also establish customized programs in which to meet with socio-economic partners depending on the specific needs of each entrepreneurial project.

In order to ensure reciprocity, Beelys welcomes all young international entrepreneurs on the same terms. The nationwide deployment of this scheme will enable the development of a Hub with approximately 100 partner destinations which will be available to all young entrepreneurs from the French PEPITE centers. The Beelys partners' entrepreneurs will be granted reciprocal access to new exchange programs in all PEPITE centers.

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