Lisa Filippi talks about her experience with the Campus Creation program

On The July 9, 2020

Discover what ITECH LYON textile engineering student Lisa Filippi had to say about taking part in the 2018/19 Campus Creation program.

As an ITECH engineering student specializing in textiles, taking part in the Campus Creation Contest was a great opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial skills
This contest enables participants to get started, create and innovate in the best possible conditions.

Campus Creation is mainly about structuring multidisciplinary teams. It is a way for participants to expand their areas of expertise. Our team brought together people who share the same values and the ambition to work together in the medical field, as we believe it to be one of the most important ones. This is how we came up with our “WithU” project.

It can be extremely difficult to identify infections, even today. That’s why we came up with the idea of creating a special dressing for post-surgical wounds. If the wound becomes infected, this dressing will change color so that the patient is aware that the wound is infected. My team’s determination and perseverance earned us the Campus Creation Grand Prize.

In addition to developing our entrepreneurial skills, this contest fostered our sense of initiative, helped us learn to work well with others and, above all, to achieve our goals.

For me, the key to our success was teamwork. We were able to bounce off each other’s ideas and come up with solutions.

The Campus Creation contest consists of bringing an idea to life, developing a business plan and presenting a project to a panel of qualified judges. It is also an opportunity to participate in the HubLo Festival, which we took part in last year.

It was up to us to design our stand and come up with innovative ways to attract visitors’ attention. I enjoyed talking about my project with a very receptive group of people and I was proud to present what we had achieved over the past nine months.

We are continuing to develop our “WithU” project with three other engineering students, in the hope that it will one day be a great success.

Campus Creation introduced me to some wonderful people. I was very fortunate to be able to work with them and I am still in contact with them today. In other words, this competition is a life-changing experience.

Lisa Filippi

This interview was conducted as part of the HubLo Festival. The festival was held online this year due to the current exceptional circumstances.

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