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Open house at the Innovation Pre-Factory in Saint-Étienne

Le 14 February 2019 De 12:00 à 18:30
Le 14 February 2019 De 12:00 à 18:30
Le 14 February 2019 De 12:00 à 18:30
Le 14 February 2019 De 12:00 à 18:30

The Innovation Pre-Factory in Saint-Étienne is celebrating its third year with an open house.

This is the perfect occasion to visit the innovative and customizable 2,900 sq. ft. collaborative workspace located on the Manufacture campus:

  • A modular creativity room with mobile equipment for workshops, seminars, meetings and beyond;
  • A fablab managed by the OpenFactory organization, for prototyping, including a number of machines (3D printers, machine shops, etc.).

The Innovation Pre-Factory is a place that fosters creativity and innovation. It provides opportunities to work collaboratively with others and with other disciplines. This is why the Innovation Factory team is offering creative and collaborative activities for visitors throughout the open house day:

  • A workshop to help create signs and interior decoration for the building, assisted by an artist and graphic design facilitator;
  • A workshop where visitors can come up with names for the Innovation Factor’s three new buildings, using creativity tools and ideation methods;
  • Tours of the fablab and its prototyping machines will be offered throughout the day, with an opportunity to talk to the manufacturing workshop team.
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