Professors: become a PEP’S internship mentor with the Innovation Factory

On The January 17, 2020

In response to a human resources innovation challenge, the Université de Lyon’s Innovation Factory and Alstom have teamed up to organize a PEP’S, a Multidisciplinary Team Project, with the aim of developing one of the winning concepts. They are now looking for two professors to mentor the students taking part in the project.

Developing an idea based on an innovation challenge

The Innovation Factory has teamed up with Alstom to hold a human resources innovation challenge in March 2019. Teams of students from different disciplines worked together with Alstom employees for 48 hours to come up with innovative solutions that would enable Alstom to attract young talent and develop its innovative capacity and attractiveness.

This challenge resulted in several ideas being rewarded. The Alstom team is now looking to prototype one of the winning concepts: a mobile application for integrating trainees and work-study students, from applying to the company to actually becoming part of the company. Among other things, this application will help to improve the well-being of each new company employee.

As part of the long-term development of this solution, the Innovation Factory and Alstom have decided to organize a PEP’S, a Multidisciplinary Team Project to work with both the Université de Lyon and Alstom.

Supervising a multidisciplinary team

As part of this PEP’S, two student interns will be supervised by the Université de Lyon in the following subject areas:

  • IT development;
  • UI Design / Digital Design / UX Design

In order to provide adequate academic support for the trainees’ skills development, the Innovation Factory is looking for two tutors (for a 22-hr temporary contract) who are proficient in at least one of the skills listed above. These tutors will work alongside and in addition to a member of the Innovation Factory team, who will supervise the students’ internships. They will also be required to act as coach during the creative sprint that will launch the project on March 17 and 18.

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