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The Innovation Factory: Innovating and approaching entrepreneurship differently with the Université de Lyon

The Innovation Factory harnesses the talent and creativity of students, the scientific excellence of researchers and the technological and scientific platforms used by all institutions of the Université de Lyon to develop innovative projects.
It strengthens the relationships between academic and socio-economic communities by working in synergy with the Student Center for Innovation, the Beelys Transfer and Entrepreneurship center (PEPITE) and Pulsalys, the Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (SATT).

The Innovation Factory is supported by IDEXLYON.


  • Establish a pioneering policy for innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and design.
  • Become a leader in creation and innovation to contribute to the region's economic development and national and international outreach.
  • Enable companies and institutions to immerse themselves in an innovative ecosystem.
  • Help develop innovative teaching by offering students the opportunity to work directly on concrete projects led by companies.


Companies, academic institutions, students, research lecturers and civil society.



  • Access to two temporary sites, the 'Innovation Pre-Factories', which are innovative and customizable collaborative working spaces:
    • a 350-m² space on the LyonTech-la Doua campus
    • a 360-m² space on the Manufacture campus in Saint-Étienne
  • Organize and participate in ideation sessions to come up with new ideas in a short space of time.
  • Assigning students innovation projects in multidisciplinary teams supervised by research lecturers from various institutions.
  • Prototype a product or service using the Université de Lyon's technological and scientific platforms.
  • Test a product or service on our campus demonstrators using large-scale user tests based on Living Lab logic.
  • Take part in innovative and customized workshops.

Contacts in Lyon

Fabrique de l’Innovation de l’Université de Lyon
92 rue Pasteur,
69007 Lyon
06 77 57 28 74

Contacts in Saint-Etienne

Pré-Fabrique à Saint-Étienne - Campus Manufacture
5 rue Javelin Pagnon
42000 Saint-Étienne