The Innovation Factory opens the D-Factory in Saint-Étienne

On The January 25, 2021

Having been an integral part of the Manufacture district, the creative heart of the Saint-Étienne area, for several years now, the Université de Lyon’s Innovation Factory officially opened its D-Factory (Design Factory) in the new “Centre des Savoirs pour l’Innovation” (Knowledge Center for Innovation) on January 25.

The Centre des Savoirs pour l’Innovation, located in the Manufacture district, is supported by the Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Étienne and serves as a link between the academic and economic worlds. The opening ceremony for this 7,235 m² building, which was rather small given the current health situation, took place on January 25 in the presence of Stéphane Martinot, Provisional Administrator of the Université de Lyon. It was an opportunity to present the D-Factory facilities to representatives from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Loire County, the Saint-Étienne area, and the Saint-Étienne Local Planning and Development Authority.

The D-Factory: the Innovation Factory’s new Design facility

The 850 m² D-Factory, located in the Centre des Savoirs pour l’Innovation, is an exciting and vibrant venue where people can meet and share ideas. It is designed to meet the innovation needs of the Saint-Étienne and Lyon higher education institutions, as well as the expectations of the local economic community (large companies, small business, start-ups, etc.).

This new site will enable the Innovation Factory to strengthen its ties with those involved in the Manufacture district and to use their expertise to develop its offer in the fields of design and high-tech.

The opening of the D-Factory is part of the university community’s efforts to broaden its outreach to the social and economic players of the Lyon Saint-Étienne university sites. It is based on combining disciplines and educational tools for testing and prototyping, which began back in 2016 when the Innovation Factory was first established in Saint-Étienne.

Stéphane Martinot,
Temporary Administrator of the Université de Lyon

A creative environment open to all

The D-Factory includes a 300m² Fablab that is available to everyone and is equipped with a wide range of machines (3D printers, waterjet cutters, laser cutters, digital sewing machines, etc.), a 150m² modular creativity room that can be booked out in advance, and a 120m² co-working area. It will also host a number of innovation players: the Lyon-Saint-Étienne entrepreneurship center, Zoomacom, a Saint-Étienne-based organization in charge of managing the Fablab in partnership with the Innovation Factory, and many more.

Supporting innovation, from ideas to prototyping

The D-Factory will provide tailor-made and turnkey solutions offered by the Innovation Factory to support companies in their innovation projects: creative challenges and supervised projects involving students from several disciplines and institutions, an introduction to rapid prototyping methods, a workshop to learn about creativity tools, and much more.... This comprehensive program will allow you to take your project from creation to pre-industrialization, through modeling and prototyping in the D-Factory’s Fablab.

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