The Manufactory La Doua incubator is proud to present the projects developed by its class of 2020/21

On The October 28, 2020

© Incubateur Manufactory La Doua
© Incubateur Manufactory La Doua

The Manufactory La Doua incubator, a program run by the Lyon and Saint-Étienne Entrepreneurship Center and supported by the Foundation for the Université de Lyon, launched its 2020/21 START and UP programs back in October. Take a look at the selected projects to find out more.

This year, the students and recent graduates receiving support from the Manufactory La Doua incubator have been divided between two different programs. These programs are based on how mature the projects are:

  • The START program: to measure the feasibility of projects and determine their market potential;
  • The UP program: to help accelerate the growth of start-ups.


The START program

  • Fredo: bike-sharing service.
    Founders: Thomas Randolph and Théo Roussely.
  • Homnest: making micro-houses from old shipping containers.
    Founders: Benjamin Bies, Clément Testard, Florent Galfione, Jérôme Marchau and Julien Marchau.
  • Jokko: connected locker service for public parks and sports facilities.
    Founders: Mathilda Perrier, Océane Chauvat and Johanna Larribat.
  • Maco: a click and collect service for healthy and eco-friendly food, hygiene and cleaning products.
    Founder: Mathias Clair.
  • Mobimmo: furnishing solution for investors.
    Founder: Johann Amiot.
  • RES&CO: a website for booking “discounted surprise menus” to reduce food waste in restaurants.
    Founder: Stéphanie Orrico Grima.
  • Salon virtuel: a virtual venue for online events.
    Founder: Noeline Clavier.
  • Senlimo: temporary employment, wage and housing swaps.
    Founder: Rémi Renaudie.
  • WaterCollect: gray water collection system.
    Founders: Hendrix Charvolin and Thomas Gallo.

The UP program

  • Keyena: producing and marketing sporting goods.
    Founder: Coralie Gassama.
  • Natuco: a range of eco-friendly furniture.
    Founders: Félicia Gruner and Jérémy Villevieille.
  • Nodipool: tools for swimming pool owners.
    Founder: Barthélémy Naudin.
  • Olival d’Ouro: a selection of olive oils from North-East Portugal.
    Founder: Sylvain Estèves.
  • Vangart: embroidered clothing sold as works of art.
    Founders: Benjamin Beau, Florian Fernandez and Clément Ajacques.