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The SameSame startup wins the 2017 PEPITE Tremplin Award for student entrepreneurship

On The December 18, 2017

The SameSame startup, founded by Alexandre Boulmé as part of his student entrepreneur diploma (D2E) at the Université de Lyon, won one of three PEPITE Tremplin Awards for student entrepreneurship on 15 November 2017 in Paris. Its mobile app, GONG, aims to support aphasia patients who have suffered strokes using images that facilitate communication.

The GONG app stems from the first app produced by SameSame which helped travelers make themselves understood abroad by showing images. The initial app consisted of a visual dictionary and a gallery of important images and was quickly adopted by speech therapists in their everyday work.

The major difference between GONG, which was redesigned for aphasia patients with Guénaël Brunet-Lio, and other apps available on the market is that it involves the three actors that work towards treating aphasia patients: speech therapists, patients and carers. The beta version is currently used in France and will be available in Canada at the end of the year.

In the long term, SameSame aims to make GONG a reference tool to tackle everyday communication problems for people with speech disorders. The solution could be adapted for other communication disorders (autistic disorders, cerebral palsy, neurodegenerative diseases, etc.) and aims to integrate fully into the rehabilitation process of patients thanks to the digital tool's strong potential.

The SameSame startup, which was incubated at the Beelys PEPITE as part of the D2E (the Université de Lyon's student entrepreneur diploma) and at the Université Lyon 3 (the Jean Moulin Incubator), has received an investment of 110,000 euros from the Pulsalys SATT to develop it using the expertise of LIRIS (the Computer Laboratory for Images and Information Systems).

SameSame, the winner of the 2017 PEPITE award and Lyon startup created in October 2017 by 26-year-old Alexandre Boulmé, an engineering graduate from the École Centrale de Nantes, and Guénaël Brunet-Rio, a speech therapist, was awarded a check for 20,000 euros.

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