They make the Université de Lyon: Solenne Becart, an entrepreneur supported by the Lyon and Saint-Étienne Entrepreneurship Center

On The May 26, 2021

The Université de Lyon met with Solenne Becart, creator of Goodloop, an ecological and responsible project supported by the Lyon Saint-Étienne Entrepreneurship Center.

At 32 years old, Solenne Becart is committed to continuing her eco-friendly efforts. She has used her marketing and business development experience to develop a meaningful project with real technical value. This is how Goodloop, an online repair service for outdoor sports clothing and textile equipment that relies on a network of local repair specialists, came into being.

Goodloop, a project committed to sustainable development and limiting waste

Maternity leave, the first lockdown and the desire to try something new. That’s all it took for Solenne to turn to entrepreneurship after nine years working in the marketing sector.

Solenne is the founder of Goodloop, a service that puts customers in touch with local professionals to repair outdoor sports clothing and equipment. If you can’t bear to part with your favorite down jacket, the one with the broken zippers, Goodloop can help you give it a second life. Repairing your old clothes and equipment saves you from having to part with them and reduces the amount of waste in the environment.

From her first entrepreneurial project, Shake you, to joining an incubation program, Solenne has been using her skills to benefit public interest. She doesn’t “sell for the sake of selling”, but offers a service that meets customers’ real needs and encourages eco-friendly actions.

One program, a number of opportunities

Solenne started her entrepreneurial career with Shake you, an organization with which she drafted a project that would eventually become Goodloop. A few months later, she joined the Lyon Start Up program and was able to improve her project thanks to the support of the people involved and the vast network surrounding the program.

After winning first place in the pitching competition, Solenne felt inspired to pursue a full-time entrepreneurial career.

I was so pleased to receive an award for my project; it shows that people really believe in it. After that, I realized that I had the ability to start my own business, but I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. And so, I decided to turn to the Manufactory incubator program. It provided me with the two things I was looking for: mentoring, to avoid going it alone, and a supportive environment. I am very pleased with the program.

Since January 2021, Solenne has been working on her Goodloop project. “Right now,” she says, “my project is evolving in all sorts of ways.” But the project has encountered a number of challenges, such as the lack of specialists to meet the increased demand. So Solenne needed to come up with a way to take her project to the next level, and she is now planning to open her own repair workshop in Lyon by the end of 2021.

She believes that entrepreneurship is all about making discoveries.

Discovering our inner potential and skills we didn’t even know we had, but also discovering new things and learning a lot from all the people involved in an entrepreneurial project. It is an unpredictable and exciting adventure that takes a lot of soul-searching, decision making and, of course, a fair amount of courage!

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