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Announcing the Winners of the 7th Lyon StartUp Program

On The December 10, 2018

Crédits : Brice Robert
Crédits : Brice Robert

The award ceremony for the seventh Lyon StartUp was held on Wednesday, December 10, at the Embarcadère, in the second district of Lyon. It was attended by Rémi Rochon, the head of the graduating class and founder and director of Okeenea.

The ceremony highlighted the quality of the award-winning startups. At this occasion, the head of the seventh graduating class, Rémi Rochon, founder and director of Okeenea, passed the torch to Céline Paravy Atlan, founder of Ma Pièce, who will be the sponsor of the eighth class and their source of inspiration.

Being an entrepreneur means having a unique way of seeing the world. We have to be willing to be reckless, to take risks. We venture off the beaten path.

- Céline Paravy Atlan

The Winners of the Seventh Session

We congratulate the winners as well as the entire class!

Applications for the eighth session are now open.
To register, please visit the Lyon StartUp website.