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The Université de Lyon and its Beelys PEPITE receives Canadian delegations as part of an agreement with the Université de Sherbrooke

On The November 17, 2017

Beelys (Boosting Entrepreneurial Spirit in Lyon and Saint-Étienne), the Université de Lyon's support center for student entrepreneurs, has teamed up with Sherbrooke's Accelerator for the Creation of Technological Businesses (ACET) in Canada to create an exchange and international mobility program for entrepreneurs who would like to take part.

Through this partnership, six entrepreneurs from Lyon visited Sherbrooke in October 2017. The Beelys PEPITE then hosted four Canadian entrepreneurs for a week from 13 November 2017:
  • Samuel Roy for Agendrix (HR software for managing flexible working hours);
  • Joël Sirois for BioIntelligence (a biological data analysis system);
  • Nyk Beaulieu for Shark (a digital platform for managing sports organizations);
  • Rami Jarjour for IngeniArts Technologies Inc. (energy solutions for electric industrial vehicles using lithium batteries).

Vincent Nault for Lumed, a company specializing in optimizing clinical practises, also came to Lyon for a week from 20 November to finalize his partnership with the company BioMérieux.

The Canadian entrepreneurs will also be accompanied by two ACET leaders: Roger Noël, the President of ACET Capital and ACET Investment and a member of the ACET governing board; and Jacques Lajoie, the Vice President and Technology Director of ACET.

Strengthening the entrepreneurship and innovation dynamic with the Université de Sherbrooke

In November 2017, the visit from the Canadian entrepreneur delegation reaffirmed the Université de Lyon and the Université de Sherbrooke's common desire to develop a partnership "based on reciprocity, complementarity and the sharing of common academic values [...] through the development of high-impact and innovative projects".

This common ambition shared by both institutions was highlighted by the signing of a framework agreement in 2014 and its renewal in 2016.

The Université de Lyon and the Université de Sherbrooke maintain close academic ties, particularly through their involvement in the UMI LN2 (Nanotechnology and nanosystem laboratory).