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A look back at the 2018-2019 Beelys program launch

On The November 6, 2018

On November 6, Beelys, the student entrepreneurship center at the Université de Lyon, presented its programs for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to over 300 entrepreneurs, students, mentors, and partners.

This soirée was attended by the President of the Université de Lyon, Khaled Bouabdallah, and highlighted the key events scheduled by the Beelys PEPITE: its two contests, Accelerated Young Companies JEA (Jeunes entreprises accélérées) and Campus Création, as well as the Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E).

This is a highlight of the entrepreneurship program, one of the priorities being reaffirmed by Khaled Bouabdallah. This event brings the entrepreneur spirit to life through a number of stories from entrepreneurs who participated in the various programs.

I took everything that Beelys has to offer (...) all of the resources available: the training program, support from mentors, sharing experiences with other entrepreneurs in the incubator... It was a springboard to develop DataGenius.

- Testimonial from Taha Zemmouri, founder of DataGenius.

Beelys is universally-recognized for its expertise and innovation, and continually strengthens its support for young entrepreneurs.

This event is also an opportunity to honor the 62 student-entrepreneurs who received their diplomas from their class sponsor, Cécile Galoselva, who congratulated each student individually and highlighted the highly innovative character of each project being presented.