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A look back at the LyonSE&N- ElyT 2020 French-Japanese workshop

From February 17, 2020 to February 19, 2020


This was the 11th annual French-Japanese engineering sciences workshop, which brings together the entire ElyT community (IRP ElyT Global and IRL ElyT MaX). This year featured an opening based on the subject of oncology.

This three-day workshop involved no less than 65 participants, including 36 Japanese partners.

A total of 36 presentations were given, with particular emphasis on the projects undertaken as part of the ElyT project. This project, conducted in collaboration with the University of Tohoku, focuses primarily on the study of materials and systems under extreme conditions, as well as the applications and societal issues related to research in the field of engineering science.

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This is the first time the workshop has focused on the subject of oncology, incorporating IARI collaborations in the presence of two professors from the University of Tokyo.

To find out more about the different topics covered by this workshop and the speakers involved, please consult the Book of Abstracts, which is available to download on this page.