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Covid-19: latest information for international students, doctoral students and researchers on-site & students on an exchange program abroad

The Université de Lyon gathers all information related to incoming and outgoing mobility, whether you are a student, doctoral student or international researcher on the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

You are an international student in Lyon or Saint-Étienne

International students whose institutions are closed are invited to return home, as soon as possible and in line with the latest measures taken concerning international travel.

Following the press release from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation concerning the measures taken for students in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, you will find below the main points concerning international students in France.

You wish to stay in France

Please contact the international office of your host institution in France to inform them of your decision.

Please remember:

  • International students engaged in training in France and whose residence permit will expire soon will be the subject of specific government attention.
  • For students whose residence permit expired before March 16 and who originally had an appointment at the Prefecture during containement: all appointments from March 16, 2020 are cancelled. Users will be contacted and informed of the reopening of services and updated appointment schedules. Online slots are unavailable.
  • A specific provision in the emergency bill to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic will allow the government to take all necessary measures to extend their residence permits.
    ► Find out more
Download the press release from the Ministry of Higher Education (FR)

You wish to get back to your country

Please contact the international office of your host institution in France to inform them of your decision.

As part of an exchange program you need to:
  • Contact your mobility manager in your host institution,
  • Contact your university in your home country,
  • Notify your educational manager.
In all cases you need to:
  • Ask your embassy about what you can do,
  • Contact your airline to see which flights are maintained and which airports are still open,
  • Check that your destination country has not introduced restrictive measures against travelers arriving from France (border closure, compulsory quarantine, etc.).

VLS-TS expiring during summer: renewal, going back to your country/coming back to France

  • For students who have returned to their home countries since the start of containement, whose VLS-TS visa expires during the summer and who wish to return to France in September:
    ► Given their departure from France, they must apply for a new visa from the French Consulate in their country of origin.
  • Following the presidential address on Monday, April 13, for students who had stayed on campus until now and who plan to return to their country and return to France next September:
    ► For the time being, the Préfecture du Rhône is currently closed and the conditions for resuming activity have not yet been defined:
    • In case the interested parties remain in France: with the law on emergency measures, the validity of VLS-TS is extended by 90 days. They therefore stay in France with their visa.
    • In case they leave France they will have to request a new visa from the French Consulate in their country of origin.

You are an international researcher in Lyon or Saint-Étienne

The Espace Ulys is still open to answer all your questions.

If you are staying in the Rhône department

If you are staying in the Loire department

You are a student on an exchange program abroad

Ongoing mobility

Please contact the international office of your host establishment as soon as possible.

Please remember:
  • We strongly advise you to organize your return to France as soon as possible,
  • You should contact the French Embassy (or that of home country) in order to see if repatriation measures are organized,
  • For French nationals still abroad, you must register on Ariane in order to facilitate communications with the French Embassy in the country in which you are traveling.
  • You must also absolutely follow scrupulously the health regulations in force in your host country until your departure.
    ► Find out more on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Your host university has probably set up a specific communications device concerning this situation: you must refer to it and follow the recommendations and instructions with the greatest attention.

Upcoming mobility

Until further notice, no new international mobility, Erasmus+ or otherwise, can take place due to containment measures.

Consult the pages of each institution in order to answer your questions if you are traveling abroad (opposite).