France-Brazil study day: scientific cooperation between the SCAC São Paulo, the CNRS, the FAPESP and UdL

On The December 10, 2021

Alliance Brazil

The Université de Lyon is a partner in the organization of this event, due to take place in person on December 10, 2021, at the FAPESP (the state of São Paulo Research Foundation) and will contribute to the exchange of experiences among members of the CNRS, universities, Brazilian research groups from the state of São Paulo and businesses.

This study day will promote discussions between researchers, representatives from Brazilian and French research institutions and representatives from the socio-economic sector on issues related to scientific cooperation, such as the setting up and structuring of projects, their management, funding and impacts, as well as their medium to long-term insertion in the cooperation.

On the agenda for the themed panel discussions, the participation of the new Anthropocene IRP*, metropolization and societies: French-Brazilian perspectives (INEE CNRS) with the intervention of Lucia Zanin Shimbo (University of São Paulo, Institute of Architecture and Urban Development).

This Anthropocene IRP (2021-2025) was born of numerous international academic collaborations, on an analysis of the economic and social context, renewed under the aegis of 9 UdL member institutions and led by Fabrice Bardet in association with the University of São Paulo along with a number of other Brazilian partners.

The Anthropocene concept is becoming increasingly popular. It reflects the growing importance of environmental concerns in the governing of societies. The project is based on a threefold observation: the rise of environmental concerns that led to the formulation of the Anthropocene concept, the phenomenon of metropolization that characterizes contemporary capitalism, which relies on the concentration of resources in certain territories, and finally the managerial shift in organizations and policies, of which the proliferation of evaluation tools is one of the most obvious symptoms.

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* IRP (International Research Project) is an international cooperation initiative set up by the CNRS. It consolidates collaborations already established between a French team and a foreign team through short to medium-term scientific exchanges. Find out more about the UdL’s IRP