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Reestablishing the Université de Lyon’s representative office in Shanghai

On The January 21, 2019

On December 4, the Université de Lyon brought together its key partners from the International Alliance for a colloquium, which marked the occasion of it reestablishing its representative office in China.

On December 4, 2018, the Université de Lyon held a colloquium, entitled “The Université de Lyon In Shanghai: New Ambitions and New Horizons”. The colloquium aimed to celebrate the opening of the UdL’s office in Shanghai, in attendance of its main academic, economic and institutional partners.

The colloquium was opened by Jean-François Pinton, director of the IDEXLYON program at the Université de Lyon and President of the ENS de Lyon. He introduced the UdL’s development policy for Shanghai and the French landscape of higher education and research.

He highlighted emerging collaboration projects and the themes of health (oncology, neuroscience), entrepreneurship and innovation, green chemistry, the Anthropocene. He also spotlighted the works of Robert Jacquinot on refugee rights.

This event was tied to the reopening of the UdL’s representative office in Shanghai, which will be hosted in the East China Normal University’s (ECNU) facilities. Its aim is to work on implementing structural projects related to these themes, working alongside players in Shanghai. The UdL laid the groundwork for these projects with its four strategic partners as part of a strategic orientation committee.

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The UdL also took part in the annual scientific colloquium for the French scientific community in China, which was held by the French embassy. The UdL reaffirmed its support for the Joint Research Institute for Science and Society (JORISS) platform.

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