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Renewing the joint PhD program with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

On The May 3, 2021


The Université de Lyon Renews its Framework Agreement with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences This partnership is based on a joint PhD program that aims to strengthen cultural, research and training collaborations.

As part of the International Alliance, in April 2021, the Université de Lyon renewed its framework agreement with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) for another five years in order to further develop the joint PhD program established by the two universities.

The joint PhD program is based on reciprocity and mutual support and aims to:
  • Increase the number of incoming and outgoing co-supervision programs;
  • Encourage academic sharing;
  • Strengthen bilateral and multilateral training, research and cultural activities.
This framework agreement is the result of an already successful partnership between the Université de Lyon’s associate research laboratories and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences’ research institutes, and is inspired by the Shanghai Institut Pasteur’s strong desire to strengthen collaborations in the field of health sciences.

The partners are eager to strengthen collaborations in all fields of knowledge, including science, health, engineering, and social sciences, as well as to promote interdisciplinarity, technological innovation, and research development and applications.

As part of this agreement, the Université de Lyon will be supporting the establishment of co-supervision programs and various other collaborations with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.