The Université de Lyon is a partner of the European project Life RECYCLO

On The January 19, 2022

© TreeWater/RECYCLO
© TreeWater/RECYCLO

Life RECYCLO is a European project run by the TreeWater company based in Lyon, and which aims to develop a wastewater recycling process specifically geared to laundries. The Université de Lyon, through its Culture, Science and Society division, is a partner of this European project.

In Europe, the implementation of wastewater recycling is still very disparate: while in Spain 350 million cubic meters of wastewater are reused each year, only 7 million cubic meters are reused in France. A number of studies show that the European market for water reuse will be stimulated by the rarity of the resource and its increase in price. In fact, it is estimated that water shortages will increase in Europe by more than 50% by 2030 (European Commission, 2021).

In light of this, it is primordial to be able to offer treatment technologies that are capable of meeting these challenges. Life RECYCLO aims to offer improved water resource management for the laundry sector and to reduce the discharge of pollutants into the aquatic environment. To meet this objective, the project will focus on the development of an advanced oxidation treatment system to treat and recycle wastewater from laundries. This process is intended to eliminate more than 90% of pollutants. Prototypes will be tested in three laundries in France, Spain and Luxembourg.

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This project is part of the European Commission’s LIFE program, which funds initiatives in the fields of the environment and climate. It is run by the TreeWater company, originating from the DEEP laboratory of INSA Lyon, which hosts its Research and Development department. Its consortium is composed of six members located in France, Spain and Luxembourg. As a project partner, the Université de Lyon’s Culture, Science and Society division contributes in particular through the investigation and communication phases.



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