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The Université de Lyon visits Ottawa

On The January 29, 2019

On January 29, 2019, Université de Lyon representatives traveled to Ottawa. Prompted by the launch of a CNRS-UdL branch in Ottawa, they then built the international JIN laboratory and the Alex Trebek Forum for Health and Artificial Intelligence.

A joint CNRS-Université de Lyon branch launched

The CNRS and the UdL built a joint branch at the University of Ottawa, materializing a unique Franco-Canadian initiative which will strengthen existing collaborative research projects and foster the creation of new projects involving both countries.

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Creation of the “Joint Institute for Neuromuscular Research” (JIN) International Associated Laboratory (LIA)

Later that day, the agreement to build the JIN International Associated Laboratory was signed by the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, the University of Ottawa, the Inserm and the CNRS. This new LIA embodies the Franco-Canadian cooperative network that has been built over the past decade for research into neuromuscular disorders.

The Alex Trebek Discussion Forum: “Health and Artificial Intelligence, who should make decisions? French and Canadian perspectives”

This forum brought together French and Canadian scientists to foster cross-disciplinary discussions about health and artificial intelligence. After sharing knowledge, they identified international cooperative projects to develop and possibilities for academic and student international exchanges.

Forum "Santé et intelligence artificielle" à Ottawa
Forum "Santé et intelligence artificielle" à Ottawa