2021 Arqus Winter School: “Rethinking climate change”

From February 22, 2021 to February 26, 2021

Bringing together students from each of Arqus’ seven universities for a week of online courses and collaborative working sessions. The students will work in groups to develop an interdisciplinary research project to map the climate risks of their local cities.

A problem-solving approach that highlights the concepts of European citizenship and climate risks.

The Arqus Winter School marks the start of a unique training program that will be put in place by the seven Arqus partners throughout the semester. What does European citizenship mean? How is it highlighted by the social and societal challenges we all share, including climate change? This program is an opportunity for students to take a critical look at these issues.

Universities and their students have the power to make significant contributions to help confront these issues by developing new models that encourage individuals to become more active and involved as citizens. The aim is to develop interdisciplinary teaching methods, such as those implemented at the Arqus Winter School, by giving students the opportunity to think about and redefine the challenges we face, including climate change.

The “Rethinking Climate Change” Arqus Winter School program combines theoretical lessons with practical workshops

During the week, students will receive online theory lessons that will be available to all partners, as well as themed workshops organized by their university. They will learn about the effects of climate change, urban vulnerability and climate risks both locally and throughout Europe, the relationship between European citizenship and climate change, and how to lead a collaborative project. Students will be asked to create a climate risk map for their local town or city. All of their work will then be brought together to form a climate risk atlas.

Each day, the Winter School will start with an online plenary session (from 9 AM to 11 AM, except Mondays, which will run from 9 AM to 12 PM), open to all students who have registered beforehand.

For more information on the sessions, and to find out how to participate, please follow the link below. 



The Lyon Arqus Winter School: looking at climate change from a legal and philosophical point of view

In addition to the online courses available to all European partners, each Arqus university will also have the opportunity to address the issue of climate change from a specific point of view. For the UdL, it is the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 that has been tasked with organizing this year’s Winter School. Based on the specialist subjects studied by our 12 participating students, the Lyon students will approach the issue from a legal and philosophical point of view.

In order to enable students to work on issues specific to the Lyon area, the Métropole de Lyon has been closely involved in organizing this year’s Winter School. Some of the planned activities include: working on the climate plan, a walk around the city, and a visit to the Resource Center for Applied Botany (Centre de ressources de botanique appliquée – CRBA).