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Arqus Virtual Company Creation Challenge 2021: and the winner is Safe B!

On The May 11, 2021

After a week of jury rating and public voting with over 7,560? votes cast, Safe B (Université de Lyon) has won the 2021 Arqus Virtual Company Creation Challenge! The final had been programmed for the week of May 3, 2021 as part of the 2021 Arqus Academic Week.

This challenge is part of the Arqus "Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement" Action Line. It encourages participants who are already open to entrepreneurship to learn to implement practical tools and knowledge that they would have learnt through their local programmes on entrepreneurship. In April the teams got to participate in a common session on the topic: “From a fictional to a real project”.

The 6 projects received for this year’s finals were:

  • Teleworking: a platform to help teleworkers to manage all their necessities when they decide to work remotely from Spain, including accommodation, services and memberships.
  • Stageportal: a digital platform that connects artists with people looking for show acts. It should close the existing communication gap and lead to an increase in efficiency in this industry.
  • Saige Sport Analytics: a gadget including a respective app for tracking, analysing and presenting complex movement data that can be used by sports teams to improve their performances
  • Safe B: a connected teeth guards to improve concussion detection in rugby.
  • Predict: prediction of patient-specific response to treatment by means of a patient-derived hydrogel and organoid chimeric 3D model.
  • Cope: a platform that connects people who experience various levels of anxiety in order to battle it with human interactions and developing feelings of purpose.

Rewatch all the videos pitches of the finalists

Thank you to all the participants for the great effort and innovative solutions; the public for their votes; and a special thanks to our jury, made up of members of Arqus’ regional socio-economic partners for their contribution:

● Alexandra Huber – Startup Consultant at HTWK Leipzig (Startbahn 13)
● Julia Schadinger - President at Ideentriebwerk
● Laurent Voyer - Director Industrial Strategy & Digital at Boehringer Ingelheim

Our heartiest congratulations to Safe B for winning! They will now get a chance to have some mentoring, as well as a mobility visit to one of Arqus’ partners.

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